radiant floor
Radiant Flooring

-living space heated by floor,

-re-circulating water flows from hot water heater through floor and back,

-no more cold bed, chairs, couch or feet,

-eliminates moldy air ducts.

Lee Drive remodel plan

-2BD/2BA, 1500 sq ft,
-converting 2/3 of garage to 500 sq ft of living space,

-added bedroom,
-added laundry room,
-added living space,

-radiant floor heating system added,

-radiant barrier insulation.

Lee Drive profile
Architect and Project Manager for Residential Addition.


-1BD/1.5BA, 1000 sq ft,
-living space upstairs,
-laundry in garage,
-double ended garage downstairs,
LomaChiquita after

-1500 sq ft,
-new main entry,
-new double pane windows,
-new master bedroom,
-remodeled bathroom,
-all new plumbing,
-additional solar panels,
-new redwood deck,
-all new siding.
Architect and Project Manager for Rebuilding, Remodeling and Expansion of house in Santa Cruz Mountains of Northern California.


-1000 sq ft,
-solar panels for electricity,
-spring fed cistern for water,
LomaChiquita before
Marbert G. Moore III
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