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Display in furnace fixture prior to Glass Sealing process.
TDL Fab2
TDL Fab1
Telegen Display Labs


10.5" Diagonal Display,

Vacuum Fluorescent Display


Assembly of Display and Electron Grid tensioning sled.

TDL Patent Application
Telegen Display Laboratories

Engineering and Program Manager


Flat Panel Display Architecture, novel electron grid suspension system.

Boeing 777
Touchscreen and Panel Package for Boeing 777

-30 days from concept to shipment,

-passed 6g shock and shake testing,

-solved tri-fracture problem on LCD displays

Flat Panel Displays

Flat panels are used in a great variety of applications, the most challenging of which require EMI/RF shielding, chemical corrosion, and provisions for resisting shock and vibration.

Unit shown was designed for industriial applications, but was used as a movie prop in the film Men in Black as part of their futuristic control room.

Rugged Touch panel package
Marbert G. Moore III
281.686.0149 cell