I am an Electro-Mechanical Engineer (Systems Engineer) that has performed work as an Independent Consultant or Full-Time employee since 1988, as both an Individual Contributor and a Manager. 


Manager of Technical Projects, Programs and Teams

After developing experience as an Engineer, I have successfully demonstrated an ability to lead projects as a Project Manager, a Program Manager or an Engineering Manager.  I have managed teams with over 30 persons, including senior staff members with PhD degrees, and teams on other continents via phone, email and video conferencing technologies.  Career stats below.



In awarded engineering projects where I was solely responsible for generating and presenting the proposals for the jobs.


$8 million

In budgetary responsibility for monies associated with projects' labor and material costs.


$2 billion

In revenues realized by companies that own the Products I have worked on as a sole contributor, a member or as a leader of a team performing the design & development of those products. 


Noteworthy clients:  Abbott Laboratories, Applied Materials, Boeing, Hewlett-Packard, Department of Defense, GE, Intel, Lucent Technologies, Novellus Systems.


Patents: 9 Submitted, 5 Pending Action, 1 Awarded

The value of  my technical contributions is exemplified by Pending Patent Applications in the United States Patent & Trademark Office.



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Marbert G. Moore III
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