Under Roller

-mechanism needed to rotate 30 foot diameter reels to load or unload product,

-hydraulically powered,

-rated for maximum reel weight of 275,000 pounds,

-performed all mechanical design and analysis with Solidworks and CosmosWorks respectively.
Under Roller
Shipping Reels for Cable or Hose

-30 foot diameter shipping reels, sitting on shipping cradles,

-performed design and analysis with Solidworks and CosmosWorks,

-managed $300k project to get reels built.

Large shipping reels
Modular Carousel

-panels removed to show gimbaled and hinged triangular segments,

-hinged segments enable "flowing" over non-flat surfaces,

-perimeter chain drive.
Manta Carousel closeup
reels on barge
Fabricated Reels, Loaded with product on barge headed East.
Manta Carousel
Modular Carousel


-75 foot in diameter,


-Max speed of 1rpm,


-rated for 3.5 million lbs,


-conforms to surface,


-20 foot peak-peak,

-unique 20 foot

diameter shaft for centering and rotation.

tape respooler
Tape Rewinding Station
Capable of running at 300rpm
Guide Spool Patent App
Tape Guide Spool and
  Patent Application


Solidworks CAD model of Guide Spool for winding tape onto polymer cylinders (6in core tube shown).

guide spool
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