The Willow Wheel, a centerless, hubless wheel for improved stability and riding performance.  The first version has been designed for and installed on a Harley-Davidson FatBoy.


Modular Carousel Assembly and Method


Temperature Compensated Grid System for Flat Panel Displays

Systems and Methods for Improved Gas Delivery

Graphics Display in a Mirror

Hubless Wheel and Method

Layered Tape Guide Spool and Alignment Device and Method

Manta Patent
Designed over 1,300 parts in sheetmetal (electronics packaging), machined pieces (precision mechanisms) and weldments (frames and very large structures) utilizing Computer Aided Design (CAD), Finite Element Analysis (FEA) and Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD). 
Manta Carousel

Marbert G. Moore, III                                                

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·         Mechanical Engineer, Electro-Mechanical Engineer, Systems Engineer


·         Project Manager, Program Manager, Engineering Manager,


·         Creative Technical Problem Solver and Experienced Leader.



Texas A&M University, College Station, Texas.

B.S. Mechanical Engineering Technology, May 1990.


Software Skills: 



    Mechanical-            AutoCad , ProE, SolidWorks.

    Analysis-                 Cosmos, Icepak, CFD.

    Electrical-                Pcad, Orcad, various board layout (pcb routing) packages.


  Management:           MS Project, Excel, Word and PowerPoint


  Programming:         Script writing, G-code, Basic, C++, Visual Basic.


Engineering Experience:                                                                     20 years

Analysis:  System Performance, Failure, Thermal, and Mechanical.

Mechanical Design: Electronics Packaging (50), Mechanisms (20), Fluids Packaging,

   -experienced in rapid prototyping, fast turn parts, model shop work and machining.

Electrical Design:  PCBAs (15), AC Power Control and Distribution, System Interconnect.

Process Development:  Chemical, Thermal, and Mechanical Fabrication.

Vacuum Chambers:  Design, Leak Check Expert, Rough to Ultra-High Vacuum.

RF Experience:  Grounding, EMI/RF Sealing.

Materials Research:  glass, ceramic, metal, plastics, specialty alloys and coatings.

Materials worked with:  glass, ceramics, metal, plastics.

Fabrication Methods used: mill/lathe/laser/welding/etching/EDM/casting/sheetmetal.

Finish processes used:  painting, plating, polishing, silk screening and sputtering.

Products designed have resulted in sales of over $1billion USD.

Over 1000 parts designed and fabricated.

Patents:  9 Submitted, 5 still pending, 1 awarded.


Program & Project Management Experience:                                                17 years

Electro/Mechanical Systems Integration- electrical, mechanical and software.

Largest Budget Managed:  $1.35 million.

Most Valuable Project, Intel account, $600 million.

Largest Group Managed was 32 Personnel.


Managerial Experience:                                                                                        15 years

Hired 33 of the 73 total persons supervised.

Proposal Writing and Presentations resulting in over $700k in Awarded Jobs.

Heavy customer interface resulting in winning bids and achieving successful completion of jobs.

Experienced at Estimating, Planning and Development of Technology Roadmaps.

Experienced at writing Specifications, Proposals, Reports, Presentations and Contracts.



Work History


Owner, Sr. Engineer                         Semiconductor, Energy, Automotive, Consumer Electronics
Willow Street Design, Katy, TX                                                            2004 - 2006, 2008 to Present

Providing full range of engineering services for several electro-mechanical projects, ranging from business plan writing to finite element analysis (FEA, Cosmos) and design work. 

Main projects listed below:

  • Robotic Arm and support systems for semiconductor chemical mechanical polishing (CMP) processes (specialty fluids handling (piping, pumping, valving), assessing dynamic rotational loads, overall electronic control system design), beta system in process qualifications, also designed a innovative multi-staged/multi-layered stacked gaseous/liquids fluids separator,
  • Solar Energy Power System for residential and commercial applications, system based on electronically controlled sun tracking parabolic collector and Stirling cycle engine, system in design phase,
  • Willow Wheel- first of kind Hubless Rear Wheel for various types of vehicles.
  • iMir- first and only radio (XM Satellite) in a mirror for personal vehicles.
  • Talki- first ever full-duplex BlueTooth based intercom for personal vehicles.
  • Ranger- first only device to use iPod as wireless source and remote control for stereos.

2 patents pending.  All design/analysis performed in Solidworks/Cosmos.

Director of Engineering, Project Manager, Sr. Engineer      Oil & Gas
Deepflex, Houston, TX                                                                                               July 2006 – Jan 2008

Designed and built equipment used to fabricate flexible pipe for the Oil & Gas industry.  These automated electro-mechanical systems included the following:

  • Hydraulically powered under-roller for rotating 30 foot diameter welded structure.
  • Electrically powered 75 foot diameter rotating platform for carrying 3.5million pounds.
  • Material (web) handling equipment for creating rolls of tape (.03in thick) 7 feet in diameter at 300rpm.
  • Designed upgrades for 25 foot diameter rotating structure carrying 72k pounds at 6rpm.

1 patent issued, 1 patent pending. 

All design/analysis performed in Solidworks/Cosmos.


Program Manager, Sr. Engineer                                                 Semiconductor
Concurrent Design, Austin, TX                                                                       Feb 2003 – Feb 2004

Managed team of engineers (17) performing the Design & Development of a new Etch tool (semiconductor capital equipment).  Responsible for all customer interfacing, design of System Architecture (mechanical and electrical system) and specification of purchased items.  Project had a $1.35 million dollar budget.

Tool outperformed specification.

·         Specification and incorporation of robotic wafer transfer system.

·         Design of robotic mechanism for wafer centering and precision location (+/-50microns).

·         Design of specialty gas evacuation intakes using Computational Fluid Dynamics.

·         System design of specialty gas (inert/toxic) and fluid (coolant) control/delivery.

Virtually entire job conducted using ProE, some Solidworks.


Engineering/Project Manager                                                                     Semiconductor
Genus, Sunnyvale, CA    (acquired by Aixtron)                                                Mar 2001 – Feb 2003

Managed team of engineers working on thin film blanket tungsten deposition process chamber. 

  • Performed gas flow analysis for novel cleaning process of semiconductor chambers.

Patent pending.  All work conducted in ProE.

Director of Engineering                                                                   Telecom, Servers
Galgon Industries, Fremont, CA                                                                      July 1999 – Mar 2001

Directed staff of 8 engineers conducting design/analysis of new telecommunications products.

  • Developed custom motor control circuit for cooling fans, No Single Point of Failure.
  • Designed and launched telecom product ramped to 15k units/month production rate.
  • Managed industrial, mechanical and thermal design for new telecom rack system.
  • Conducted design reviews for jobs in process and sales presentations for new business.
  • Prepared/submitted proposals resulting in $440K in new engineering design contracts. 

Work conducted using ProE, Solidworks and SolidEdge.


Program Manager                                                                                          Semiconductor

Applied Materials, Santa Clara, CA                                                                 Jan 1998 – Jul 1999

Reporting to Director of Global Product Marketing, responsible for designing a program

that would improve tool performance in order to secure $600million in business with Intel. 

·         Targeted weaknesses in the tool’s performance through analysis of failure data.

·         Determined corrective engineering action, Developed these into engineering projects.

·         Customer interface with Intel to report on status of plans and projects.

Work conducted in AutoCad and ProE.


Program/Engineering Manager, R&D                                                   Flat Panel Displays

Telegen Display Laboratories, Redwood City, CA                                     May 1996 – Dec 1997

Reporting to Vice President for Technical Operations, responsible for directing and coordinating

the efforts required to develop a flat panel display.  Duties included:

  • Developing technology roadmap, identify and purchase equipment (approx. $1million).
  • Hiring of staff to design prototypes, necessary testing apparatus and equipment.
  • Coordinating the efforts of all 30 members of the team, including 7 direct reports.
  • Research of materials (handling, processes) and integration of processes into products. 

Patent Pending.  All design work performed with AutoCad.


Owner/Consulting Company                                                          Semiconductor, Flat Panel Displays

Moore Concepts, Los Gatos, CA                                                                    Feb 1993 – May 1996

Started a company to provide electro-mechanical design services on a consulting basis.

  • Designed a custom computer for GE control rooms, 30 days from start to finish.
  • Designed a vibration resistant flat panel display package for Boeing 777.
  • Generated and presented proposals for work resulting in winning $250k in business.

All design work performed with AutoCad.


Mechanical Engineer, R&D                                                             Semiconductor

Novellus Systems, San Jose CA                                                                   July 1990 – Feb 1993

Reporting to VP of R&D, responsible for design/development of new semiconductor tools.

  • Required integration of electrical, mechanical and software assemblies and systems.
  • Design of electrical/mechanical system architecture and operational characteristics.
  • Organization of Bill of Materials (BOM) and completing documentation package.
  • Plasma Enhanced Chemical Vapor Deposition (PECVD) of dielectric and metal films on silicon wafers. 
  • Development of Factory Automation wafer handling robotics and vacuum chambers.
  • All design work performed in AutoCad.

                                                            Hit Counter
Bearing Hub Shaft
Mirra Polisher

Analyzed run logs and failure data from field operations to determine root causes and related down-time impact. Resolved issues through creation of a program comprised of engineering projects to improve performance as measured in wafer throughput and up-time resulting in Applied Materials being awarded over $600 million in new business from Intel.




Reviewed Oil & Gas company’s flexible pipe fabrication process leading to development of strategic design fixes in key equipment resulting in a 90% increase in manufacturing efficiency while eliminating $2M in scrap per year.

ECT tool

Financial Management

Managed a $1.35M budget during the conception, design and build of a new semiconductor tool for new wafer edge cleaning technology.  Stayed on schedule and outperformed the specification (performing an action on the edge of wafers within +/- .002 inches) despite three extra conceptual tool configuration redesigns consuming 6 weeks.

C2 Sequel module

Program Management


Performed a budgetary assessment as part of creating a plan for how to develop a new tool for thin film dielectric chemical vapor deposition (CVD) for the semiconductor industry.  Managed the efforts of electrical, mechanical and software engineers as well as coordinated vendors, machine shops and in-house production team to design and build a fully functional prototype two months ahead of schedule and within the original forecasted budget of $350K.  Product lifetime sales of over $1B.

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Managed the assembly of a technology roadmap for developing the capabilities required to build the first vacuum fluorescent display capable of showing full motion video.  Led the team of over 30 engineers and scientists that designed and developed this new technology ahead of schedule and under budget.

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Marbert G. Moore III
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