ECT top plate
Complete installation of process equipment and plumbing.
Accretech back view
Back view of ECT with power and electronics cabinets.
Nozzles and Scoops
Process Gas Delivery and Exhaust System parts.  Extensive CFD performed to develop this approach. Unique method for part fixturing in Process Chamber without tools or hardware.
Lift Pin Assembly and Wafer Centering Mechanism

Program Manager, System Architect, Engineering Manager

Design project for first of breed, new semiconductor etch tool.

$1.35 million budget

10 month project from concept to processing wafers.

ECT in cleanroom
Tool in cleanroom with Brooks front-end.

Engineering/Project Manager

Gas Delivery System Design
-designed method for delivering gases in a symmetrical and uniform manner to chamber.
Genus Patent App
Physical Vapor Deposition Process Module            PVD Reactors                        Attached to Wafer Transport Module
cad of PVD  pvd1  pvd2
Applied Materials PVD Module Automated Test Station
Project Manager, System Architect, Electrical/Mechanical Designer.
$1.1million budget, 6 month project from concept to shipment of 10 units.
Wafer being polished on rotating platen.               Polishing Platen being reconditioned.
Applied Materials

Chemical-Mechanical-Polishing tool (aka CMP)

Program Manager for Intel Burn-In Program.

$600 million worth of future CMP business with Intel.
Sequel modulesequel chamber
Concept 2 - Sequel Module (Dielectric PECVD)
 Project/Program Manager, System Architect and Designer - over 1000 units sold.
 Novellus Systems' Concept 1

Final Test Engineer


Responsible for initial facilitization, power-up, troubleshooting and process qualification.

Concept 1
Marbert G. Moore III
281.686.0149 cell
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